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Letter to So-And-So From Wherever

by Mike Dockins

Praise for Mike Dockins and Letter to So-And-So From Wherever

Dazzling and dizzying are the two words that come to mind after reading Mike Dockins’ latest collection of poetry, Letter to So-and-So from Wherever.In this remarkable compilation of letter-poems, Dockins is a darkly comic contemporary Whitman—his language as rich and stunning, his reach as exuberant and far-ranging. From the hilariously poignant opening missive to Santa Claus to the final lines of ‘Letter to Sanders from Academia’—his zany critique of (among other things) academia and corporate America—this book will carry you on a brilliant and wildly magnificent ride.
—Beth Gylys, author of Spot in the Dark

The thousand injuries of wasting through nearly eight years—eight years!—between books by Mike Dockins! I have grown thin and ragged. O how the insufferable suffering of the universe has screamed—no, yawped—for this. It was well worth the wait. America's book reviewers take note upon your iPads: here’s the language laid brutally honest and crankified. Find and grip tiny thesauri to discover violent verbs that describe this assault: a pummeling, whomping, pugilating new collection.
—Jamie Iredell, author of I Was a Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac

Careful, thoughtful, sometimes painful, often adventuresome, Mike Dockins’ Letter to So-and-So from Whereverlets us in to some of the byways by which we know one another, address one another, by one of the most sacred means there is.
—Dara Wier, author of You Good Thing