Congratulations to CB Anderson!

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Congratulations to C&R author CB Anderson for the wonderful reviews River Talk has been receiving! Publisher’s Weekly notes that Anderson “introduces a range of people—from Korean War veterans to Somali refugees—each carefully crafted, each bearing a measure of dignity.” And Kirkus Reviews gives it a starred review, calling the book an “uncommonly clearsighted collection of short fiction,” praising it as a “triumphant, probing debut that promises both literary and mass appeal.” Literary and mass appeal? We like the sound of that.

While celebrating River Talk’s glowing reviews, we would like to announce its eBook release. The title is now available in common eBook formats from Amazon, Kobo, and our very own bookstore. As a limited time deal to C&R readers, we’re offering the title for 25% off ($7.50) when purchased directly from C&R. Check out our product page to instantly purchase and download River Talk in the format of your choice!

We hope you enjoy CB Anderson’s collection. Literature matters.

The Next Wave of C&R

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As we wrap up the production season here at C&R Press, we are excited to highlight two recent releases and reveal this year’s future titles.

First, we have Terence Hawkins’s American Neolithic. In the words of Tom Perotta, author of The Leftovers, it is “a one-of-a-kind novel, a bizarre but gripping amalgam of anthropology, political diatribe, and speculative science fiction, a hard-boiled thriller.” When the last literate Neanderthal is implicated in a hip hop murder, his ancestry and people risk being exposed. His attorney, Raleigh, finds himself caught in a professional and personal trap that could destroy his client, his career, and much more. With this novel, Hawkins has crafted a prime example of satirical, thrilling fiction, and we are proud to present it to you. You can order it now from the book’s product page.

We are also delighted to present CB Anderson’s River Talk, a collection of short stories. A fiction compilation positioned in Western Maine, best-selling author Paul Doiron phrases it well when he says that River Talk is a “rare work of literary art that sneaks up on you, acquiring power and depth from story to story until, by the end, you realize that a master storyteller had been leading you to a surprising and yet altogether inevitable destination.” You can order Anderson’s authentic and moving fiction from River Talk’s product page.

After these two fiction releases, we have several forthcoming titles this year. For fiction, we have Peter Anderson’s The Unspeakable, David R. Slavitt’s Shiksa, and Elizabeth Kadetsky’s The Poison That Purifies You. We also will be releasing Brian Simoneau’s collection of poetry River Bound. You can read about each title and pre-order them from their respective product pages, and we’ll be highlighting them in more detail in future updates.

Exciting times ahead at C&R Press!

C&R Happy Holiday Sale!

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C&R is now offering substantial discounts on all fiction titles for the remainder of the holiday season, including pre-orders for American Neolithic. 25% off ALL fiction titles, and 50% off select poetry titles. Purchases of $50 or more get FREE shipping.

So come on in. Get yourself some warm cider and get comfortable. Peruse our titles. Grab some for yourself, and don’t forget to think of others. Great literature: the gift that keeps on giving.

Announcing the Sink or Swim Open Reading Period for Poetry

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As 2013 is concluding, we’re interested in new beginnings. While we read prose works earlier this Fall, C&R is looking for the next big thing in poetry during our Sink or Swim Open Reading Period. Through the month of December C&R will be accepting and reading your poetry manuscripts. At the end of this reading period, we’ll be looking to publish manuscripts with worldwide distribution in both physical and electronic formats through Amazon, Ingram, B&N, Small Press Distribution, and our own catalog page. At C&R, we are a team of driven and dedicated poets, editors, and literary citizens who crave finding books to get behind, promote, and show off to the world. We hope your work is the next thing we can all enjoy.

To submit your manuscript, head over to our Submissions page. A $25 reading fee applies. We look forward to reading your submissions.

Recent Updates and News Roundup from C&R

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A lot is going on here at C&R Press!

First, our official submission period is over. We’d like to thank you for your submissions, and we look forward to reading all of your manuscripts.

And while we’re doing that, we would like for you to check out our brand new product catalog. You now view and purchase all of our products from spot. You can arrange our books by genre, price, and various other options. It’s a new and convenient way to check out and purchase the works of all of our authors. We’ll be constantly updating and improving it, and we hope you find it useful.

Finally, we’d like to tell everyone about how C&R has been branching out and becoming involved in the Chattanooga community. For one, Chad was recently interviewed in the Chattanooga Pulse. You can can read that piece here and hear a little bit about our new nonfiction imprint, White Elephants Book, our new fiction imprint, New Dirty, and how we want to expand C&R in terms of technology and design. You may have also heard Chad talking about our involvement with FuseBox poetry readings and the Meacham Writers’ Workshop, a conference in which we participated in a publishing panel, during this interview.

It’s an exciting time for C&R Press in terms of new content and new perspectives, and we’re looking to become even more involved in our community in the future. Be sure to stay updated by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and checking back on this webpage.

Call for Submissions: Announcing our Fall 2013 Reading Period

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C&R publishes a broad range of writing. We conclude the 2013 season with a focus on content acquisition for the 2014 publishing year. Other than what is already under contract, C&R seeks to only publish writers who submit during this period from September through October 31, 2013. We seek at least four new titles, one each for our two nonfiction imprints: Illumis Books and the Do Make Say Think series, and for our two fiction imprints: New Dirty and C&R Fiction.

To send us your manuscript, head to our Submissions page to learn about our imprints and select the one you would like to submit for. We’re looking forward to seeing your work.

Stay in the loop and updated by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.


New Fiction Imprint: New Dirty

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It’s a new deal for grit lit in the south. C&R looks to get back to its southern bred roots in 2014 by introducing a new fiction imprint: New Dirty.Who doesn’t love recent late-greats such as Larry Brown, Barry Hannah, Harry Crews, and William Gay? Whether a novel or a story collection, C&R announces this exciting new line. As they say in the south, “We’re wiiiiide open.”