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by Martin Ott

What if a Wall is Built? Sci-Fi Novel Paints Post-Apocalyptic U.S. after Race War


A post-apocalyptic America, fueled by bigotry and the unintended consequences of technology, blooms behind a walled city in Spectrum, a literary sci-fi novel from award winning writer Martin Ott.

Spectrum is a novel about racism and walls, and holds up a mirror to our current political landscape. It’s a novel about the outer spectrum of what we love and hate, and the inner spectrum of the people we love and hate.

The novel chronicles the lives of two scientists, once lovers, whose shared invention was used to catastrophic ends, and the war they’ve waged against one another for hundreds of years.

This invention fuels everything in the city but is also falling apart at its core. A world built on the model of a human mind threatens to shake apart even as this centuries old struggle between lovers turned enemies comes to a conclusion.

Spectrum asks us to examine the very nature of black and white, up and down, and good and evil in this science fiction epic about love and hate.


“The best Science Fiction is always about building a bridge between experience and philosophy, and in Spectrum, Martin Ott gives us dust-ups and big ideas, schlubs and heroes, utopias and the people they’re built upon. As familiar as it is futuristic, we can see ourselves in the dark streets in Spectrum. This book is hard to put down, and once you finish it, impossible to forget.”

– Michael Buckley, author of Miniature Men.


“Martin Ott writes like a young Samuel R. Delany, mixing strike-hard language and razor-slicing ideas into a sensual mix of fictional possibilities.”

– Jason Sanford, Nebula Award nominated


“Martin Ott’s Spectrum is a wonderfully thought out jump down a futuristic rabbit hole filled with tantalizing imagery, rich characterization, and well crafted prose. I wasn’t sure where it would all lead but trusted that in Mr. Ott’s capable hands, it would not disappoint. Hang on tight, you’re in for one hell of a ride.”

– Dani Kollin, Prometheus award winning author of The Unincorporated Man.