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American Neolithic

by Terence Hawkins

It’s the day after tomorrow. The Patriot Amendments have repealed the Bill of Rights. Homeland Police drones patrol the skies. Scientific museum exhibits must be certified Fair to Faith. Red states are free to require Decency Filters on their citizens’ computers.

Into this world comes Blingbling. Accused of the murder of a hiphop artist, his defense is hobbled by his undocumented status, seeming homelessness, and an appearance that at first seems merely deformed but then tugs at ancestral memories.

His lawyer, Raleigh, struggles to keep him from Homeland’s clutches until a routine DNA test exposes a secret that threatens to destroy his client, his career, and much more.

Speculative fiction, political satire, and legal thriller, American Neolithic is also a story of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption.



This is a one of a kind novel…Terry Hawkins is a brave and fearless writer.
–Tom Perrotta

A towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human.
–Kirkus Reviews

Part dystopian nightmare, part gritty bildungsroman, part satire of our current police state, American Neolithic is an ambitious Frankenstein’s monster of a novel that’s as funny as it is terrifying.
– Nathaniel Rich, author of Odds Against Tomorrow

You will be amazed at Terence Hawkins’ prodigious imagination, his Bowie-sharp wit, and the skill with which he tells a story that’s as morally urgent as it is satirically diverting.
– Julia Glass, author of Three Junes and And The Dark Sacred Night

With “American Neolithic,” the sui generis Terence Hawkins has created a subgenre all his own: a hybrid of dystopian sci-fi, legal thriller, black comedy and novel of ideas. It’s a slice of future shock like nothing I’ve ever read, animated by Hawkins’ wit, smarts and vision – and bristling with profound questions about where our species is heading.
– Louis Bayard

American Neolithic, while toggling between two very different voices, is bone-dry, witty, affecting, and never less than riveting.
– Teddy Wayne, author of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

Terence Hawkins has created a fascinating political satire…overflowing with ideas, the narrative running on overdrive at all times.
– Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang

American Neolithic is likely the first legal dystopian science fiction comic philosophical thriller—it’s 100-proof with a dash of bitters, and as funny as grim hell.
–John Crowley, author of Little, Big and Lord Byron’s Novel.