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Ex Domestica

by E.G. Cunningham


Ex Domestica presents emblems of domestic interiority, even as linguistic slippages gesture toward speech acts of resistance. These musically complex poems dismantle and configure the overt and hidden layers of daily life. Dailiness, origin: these are Ex Domestica’s nonlingual subjects, coexisting with their narrator in a struggle for articulation.



“These poems bop to a ghostly jazz, their ‘music fleshing the real girl’ right before our eyes. It’s a haunting songbook, this collection; it’s a hex against the provisional world.”

—Jay Hopler

“With clinical precision, E.G. Cunningham traces and dissects the intimate contours of the Self and the Other, thereby creating new topographic and linguistic records of what happens when we attempt to decipher our “ordinary” lives. I will surely carry this little atlas with me for quite some time to come. In short, Ex Domestica is a truly stunning and haunting debut.”

—Daniele Pantano

“These poems are exquisite. Cunningham’s lines are impeccable–lines dense with image, with sound, and with an understanding of the numinous quality of objects and all experiences belonging to the senses. These are powerful poems that I keep returning to long after my first read. A stunning debut.”

—Olivia Clare