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Like Lesser Gods

by Bruce McEver


Like Lesser Gods explores themes of loss in a way that deals with the mortality of personal relationships, the realization and search for deeper meaning. The poems are traditional and contemporary, but a strong reminder of what’s important in a quickly changing world.



These are fine poems of hard truth. They are mature and thoughtful. They are the poems of a mature man who has lived, loved, and suffered. That is to say they are deeply human poems. We should all be grateful for the grace revealed by these remarkable words.

–David Bottoms


“Although quiet, Bruce McEver’ s poems are driven by strong emotion and love of the world, while the events in the poems and descriptions of nature are set out in exact detail. Like Lesser Gods has many moving elegies, loving descriptions of relatives and friends who have died; but the one event that contains them all appears in the poems that describe the death of a marriage, which can be painful to read: the betrayals, falsehoods, infidelities and, in the end, the speaker’s attempt to get beyond the heartbreak to find that a new life must begin with forgiveness. This is a brave book: a book for grownups.”

–Stephen Dobyns