Scaring Up the Morning

by Bruce McEver

From the Tao
. . .
Like a recurring dream
searched for meaning,
it steals the ordinary of the day,
robbing routine, insistent
on interpretation.

Like an ancient landscape
painted on a parchment scroll,
you recognize the fabled land,
once forgotten,
the way,
now before you.

Praise for Scaring Up the Morning

“Bruce McEver writes poems with his head and heart but also with his ear, which is keenly attuned to the soundscape of simple English. In his newest poems, the clear obser vations of a world traveler are delivered with musical balance and a quiet authority.”
—Billy Collins

“Bruce McEver’s words move us to the silence behind them, as the
world itself is merely the image of its larger purpose. His poems
impress with the sincerity that comes from immeasurable loss
and tender regard.”
—J. D. McClatchy