Ugly Love
(notes from the Negro
side of the moon)



Black on Black crime, as you may know, is random niggers
shooting and robbing and killing other random niggers.
A white collar crime, wide as Wall Street, white as a white
Oxford white shirt, tucked perfectly. Black on Black crime,
a corporate American investment, business as usual, not
a crime at press time. Weekend niggers on the evening news
strung-out straight, constitutional, like a rope dangling
from the thin, white arms of a psychological lynching tree.
If only we’d arrived without the history of difficult music.
Jazz. If only Charles Darwin had explained the evolution
of strange fruit. Lady Day sings the blues, Billy Holiday
wearing a white carnation in her hair, circa 1936. Jazz.


“What is and has always been needed is an honest, clear, loving voice. Earl Braggs’ Ugly Love (Notes from the Negro Side of the Moon) offers that. Pull up your favorite chair and cover your cold feet with your grandmother’s quilt and enjoy this wonderful read.”

— Nikki Giovanni, Writer + Poet + Educator + Activist + named as one of Oprah Winfrey’s twenty-five “Living Legends.”