Women in the Literary Landscape


From colonial times, women have been at the forefront of significant developments in the literary community and the book world. Despite this important history, no single publication has provided an overview of women’s roles in writing, publishing, bookselling, and librarianship. With Women in the Literary Landscape, in honor of its Centennial, the WNBA breaks new ground with a narrative connecting women’s contributions in these fields with the relevant social history.

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“Brilliantly written and researched . . . . every page is filled with surprises, enchantments, and exciting new information of significance.”
— From the foreword by Blanche Wiesen Cook, biographer of Eleanor Roosevelt


I felt enormously proud as I read this book. It’s well-written and wonderfully researched and it made my heart sing. Reading about the ways women have been part of our literary heritage from the beginning was fascinating and inspiriting. It made me realize how brave and determined these women were, how energetic, how indefatigable . . .Brava to women booksellers, and to all the other women who have been so invaluable to the culture of books in this country. And brava to the WNBA for producing this marvelous volume.

— Roxana Robinson, author (Sparta, 2014) and former head of Author’s Guild


The American world of books would have been poor indeed without the many significant contributions women have made throughout our country’s relatively short history. It is so good to have them gathered together and brought to life in this excellent book. Congratulations to WNBA, and may this vital organization flourish and prosper for at least another hundred years!

— Deirdre Bair, biographer Simone de Beauvoir, Samuel Beckett, and others